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Shut Up, Sit Down and Breathe

Published: 04/23/2014 by Julie Hale, MA in Parenting

Meditation is so easy that even a hamster could do it! And it’s great for calming moms.

The Value of Pretend Play

Published: 04/21/2014 by Patti Rommel, Director of Research and Development at Lakeshore Learning Materials in Parenting

More than just fun, it’s essential to your child’s development.

Atypical Kids Need Atypical Parenting

Published: 04/20/2014 by Rita Eichenstein, Ph.D. in Parenting

If your child has special needs, a little hovering might be appropriate. Here are some tips to help you ease your child’s way.

Special Connections

Published: 04/18/2014 by Lori Lakin Hutcherson in Parenting

Parents can help smooth interactions – and build friendships – between typical children and those with special needs

Safer Swimming

Published: 04/15/2014 by Melanie Gaball in Parenting

Tips from local lifeguards will help you protect your kids at the beach, the lake or the pool.

Show Them the Money

Published: 04/07/2014 by Ron Epstein in Parenting

Teaching kids at an early age how to manage money could be one of life’s best lessons.

Improvising Through Parenting

Published: 04/01/2014 by Elena Epstein in Parenting

Rodney Peete and Holly Robinson Peete discuss the impact that having a child with special needs can have on marriage, and the important lessons they've learned.

Building Leadership Skills In Kids

Published: 03/29/2014 by Cindy Tansin in Parenting

The way we interact with our children today can help turn them into the leaders of tomorrow.

Unplug For Successful Family Dinners

Published: 03/19/2014 by Randi Goodman LMFT in Parenting

It’s easier to build solid relationships with your children if you put away the phones and other electronics at meal time.

The Next Olympic Hopeful?

Published: 03/18/2014 by Deborah Stambler in Parenting

Supporting kids in competitive sports takes a village.