Book Review: The Insomniacs

Imagine how hard it would be to adjust your routine if you had to move someplace a dozen time zones away?

Published: 08/23/2012

by Ronna Mandel

Book Review: The Insomniacs Brave Rooney by Gerry Renert
Kids of all ages, despite their ranking on the playground or sports field, can relate to Gerry Renert’s inspiring e-book about Captain Majestic Memorial School, where every kid is a superhero – except the new kid, Rooney.
Book Review: The Insomniacs The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes
Beatrice is surprised to find out how absolutely wonderful and rewarding it is to stop trying so hard and just be herself.
Book Review: The Insomniacs Engineer Ari and the Hanukkah Mishap
This story is more than just a train tale. It’s also about friendship and miracles.
Book Review: The Insomniacs Holiday Picks From Good Reads With Ronna
Book bloggers Ronna Mandel and Debbie Glade have assembled some recommended books to consider during your last-minute shopping this season. Click here for full reviews of all these titles.
Book Review: The Insomniacs Shop Talk: Jewelry For Mom
This Mother's Day, treat mom to a bit of sparkle and shine with jewelry to fit every budget.
Book Review: The Insomniacs Cool Baseball Necklace
Get your kids a Cool Baseball Necklace ($15, to jazz up their look on the field this season. The stitched leather necklaces come in yellow, white and pink and are available in three different lengths.
Book Review: The Insomniacs Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School
Written and illustrated by David Mackintosh Abrams, $16.95, ages 4-8
Book Review: The Insomniacs Best Foot Forward
Start Fall on The Right Foot It’s a Wrap! Whether you buy the all-synthetic “Fancy Striped Mink” look, or go with the cotton-blend knit ones, Huggrz boot wraps are the fashion statement for your feet this fall.